Counselling sessions provide a regular, reliable, confidential space for you to share and explore the difficulties you are experiencing. You may have friends and family members to support you – or you may feel you are alone. I believe we can all benefit hugely from sharing what we need to talk about with a dedicated, trained therapist who is there to listen. Friends often want to help by offering opinions and advice. Counselling is different, and can be a very powerful experience.

Your therapist will not judge you, and will have the training and expertise to support you through this challenging process. Sometimes we can become stuck in patterns of thought and behaviour which once served a purpose, but now hold us back and cause us to suffer.

Sometimes there are particular experiences, recent or in the past, which we are struggling to work through. They might have felt too difficult to voice. We may want to understand them, so that we can move beyond them. Counselling can help us do this.

By exploring our beliefs and values, by learning to identify and experience our feelings, and where they come from, we can understand ourselves better. With greater awareness, we have more freedom to make choices about our lives that really benefit us. A counsellor is there to help you gain insight into yourself and your problems, and to support you in making choices and changes that feel right for you.

Counselling can help with:

Depression and suicidal thoughts
Family issues
Low self confidence
Pregnancy and birth
Relationship issues